Due to a partial lockdown in Poland normal concerts with an audience are still forbidden, so again our concert series, New Music in the Old Town Hall, is forced to go online. Thankfully we’ve been able to organize this event on a real stage in the Old Town Hall in Gdansk, film and record live performances for YouTube. Including Dariusz Mazurowski’s performance of special, new version of My Polish Song Book. Premiere is scheduled for Thursday, December 10 at 7pm here:
More about this event here:

Requiem Records / Opus Series in collaboration with the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music PSeME has just released a double compilation CD, Odyssey One – PSeME Collection, which contains 16 electroacoustic compositions by 16 Polish composers, including short edit (different than basic version released on Hidden Dimensions Neuma CD) of Dossier of Oblivion by Dariusz Mazurowski, who is also a curator and producer of this release.

November 28, 2020 – Far Beyond the Heliopause (short edit, with the video by Roman Przylipiak) was presented during online concert organized by the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music PSeME. This event is available now on YouTube here:

Vanishing Sings on the Sky will be presented during the Electroacoustic Marathon, a part of Audio Art Festival (online edition forced by pandemic restrictions on cultural life in Poland). All concerts of Audio Art Festival are streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. These events will be available later obviously, for those of you who cannot listen them live. Full program and link to live stream:
After the Electroacoustic Marathon you may listen to an extra event created by the Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music (PSeME), online promotion (live stream) of a brand new double album Odyssey One – PSeME Collection, a compilation of Polish electroacoustic music – curated and produced by Dariusz Mazurowski.

On Thursday, November 5, 2020, Dariusz Mazurowski’s VIVA L’autunno (with video by Remigiusz Wojaczek) was presented during Concert on the attic II, a series organized by the Vox Electronica Festival (Lviv, Ukraine). Streamed live on Facebook, this event is available now on YouTube also:

Due to coronavirus pandemic, or rather due to partial lockdowns and other restrictions on public life, this year edition (number 6) of digitIZMir festival goes digital (online). All performances, including Dariusz Mazurowski’s 40 minutes long live set will be premiered on Sunday, November 1, at 7pm (19:00, CET) here:
These performances will be available on YouTube after the premiere also. Dariusz Mazurowski’s set will be available as a playlist on his channel too:

The Garden of the Homeless Woman’s Imagination, an animated film by Daniel Zagórski, made for the music composed by Dariusz Mazurowski (More Equal than Others) won the Grand Prix of the Film Competition of Krakow Accordion Festival 2020:
Watch this move here:

Young Chinese accordionist, Zhang Hao, has released a CD Polish Music for Accordion and Electronics, co-produced by Dariusz Mazurowski. Contains also his compositions: More Equal Than Others and Soundscape with the Fall of Icarus.