Back in Time is out now ! You may purchase this item as traditional CD and digital album also (FLAC, mp3 and more) :

New CD is on the way – will be available in late September 2013 (exact date TBA). The disc will contain various electroacoustic compositions, including all major works created in Prague and also five titles from De eM studio. Back in Time will be released by Polish label MATHKA. Check out their homepage also :

Track list :

1. Eighth Samurai (2012) 7:25

2. Ohr / Ohrenhoch (2011) 2:35

3. Aleatoric Quartet (2008) 13:11

4. So the War ! (2006) 4:25

5. Exhibition I (2001) 7:55

6. Quartet for 4 Turntables (1996) 15:26

7. The Most Historic Telephone Call (1995) 3:31

8. Music for Strings (1994) 5:08

9. Art Against Decadence (1993) 7:14

10. Ice Totem (1992) 6:57


Limited edition DVD-video Different Types of Fallacies has been just released as a part of the Audiomat project. Above mentioned disc contains several multimedia pieces (music with animation), including China Mix – also as surround mix. Check out more on http:/


Pseudaria (6-channel audio with video) was performed live during PSeME concert at Audio Art festival 2012 on Thursday, November 22nd.


Pseudaria / China Mix (multichannel sound projection with video) was performed live – on Saturday, October 27th – at MUSICACOUSTICA festival in Beijing (China), as a part of Polish set during a series of concerts prepared by CIME/ICEM.


(photos by Knut Remond & Katharina Moos)

ohrenhoch 2012

An audio installation, to be played in loop mode, is scheduled for four following Sundays in May 2012, in Berlin-Neukölln. Location : ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen sound gallery (, open between 2 and 9 PM (the entrance is free). Also some scores, sketches and graphics will be exhibited with the audio material. Above mentioned installation will be available also via Livestream. More details soon.

Selected compositions will be aired by Czech Radio (Vltava station : on two following Saturdays – 11th and 18th of February 2012. Broadcasting time of this periodic radio program, Radioatelier, is 0:05. Broadcast is also available via internet – just click iRadio. More details soon.