With pleasure I’ll post any interesting link here (to a website not necessary devoted to music only), if you want, just let me know and we may exchange links.

Dariusz Mazurowski’s personal links

De eM Studio YouTube channel:
SoundCloud profile:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Modular Station:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Neuma Records Bandcamp:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Antenna Non Grata Bandcamp
Bandcamp profile of a duo with Lorenzo Brusci:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Spotify:
Dariusz Mazurowski on YouTube Music:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Apple Music:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Tidal:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Amazon:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Deezer:
Dariusz Mazurowski on Qobuz:
Soundword podcast series (in Polish) on Spotify:
Mixcloud profile (podcast):
Anchor profile (podcast):
One hour long radio show with Dariusz Mazurowski (Radio Spopocki, in Polish):

Recommended links

Neuma Records:
Modular Station, an internet radio & web portal dedicated to electronic music made with modular synthesis, test equipment & experimental instruments:
Mathka (inactive label, but still on the web):
Acte Préalable – the label with a principal aim of promoting Polish classical music:
AUDIOMAT – XXI century jukebox:
Polish Society For Electroacoustic Music:
International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music:
Baltic Sea Cultural Centre:
Estrada i Studio – Polish mag for musicians and producers:
blog 0dB – blog devoted to modern musical technologies:
Analogia – servicing, restoring and selling vintage analogue equipment:
Polish analog synthesizers Musel:
Paweł Zagańczyk – accordionist:

Other sites worthy of mention

Polish Culture:
Polish film database:
The Internet Movie Database: