Kościuszko's Death at the "Chemistry" Theater Festival

With some advance notice, I'd like to invite you to Krakow on Sunday, July 28, where at the Solvay Center for Contemporary Art (Zakopiańska 62) we will present the theater play "The Death of Kościuszko", which will be the finale of the "chemistry" Theater Festival. The play starts at 6:00 p.m. The electroacoustic monodrama (that's how I called this hybrid form) is our joint work - mine and the outstanding actor Krzysztof Gordon's. We've already had the opportunity to collaborate with each other and have been discussing such a play for a long time. The starting point was the excellent, very lively, expressive text by Anna Bojarska, from the book "Five Deaths" (Krąg publishing house, 1990), which was prepared for the stage presentation by Krzysztof Gordon. With this text in mind, my music was then created, building the narrative of the whole, emphasizing its drama. And so the monodrama "Kościuszko's Death" was born, which also exists as a radio theater (its premiere took place on September 24, 2021 on El-Stacja radio). And now it's time for the stage premiere, of course performed by Krzysztof Gordon (voice) and with live music by Dariusz Mazurowski (meaning mine). We would also like to thank Max Bojarski, the author's son, for giving us permission to use this excellent text. We invite you to Krakow for the show, more information here: https://www.ckpodgorza.pl/oferta/wydarzenie/smierc-kosciuszki