Upcoming solo concert in Oslo, March 25, 2023

I’d like to invite for my upcoming solo concert in Oslo, at the Kulturkirken Jakob, Hausmanns, scheduled for Saturday, March 25 (at 7 pm). This event will be a part of 3 day NeoArte, Art Synthesizer festival. See program notes below. More info and detailed program of the whole festival here: https://neoarte.pl/en/programme-oslo-2023/?fbclid=IwAR174sMcPtlzri7h_2UwzfC3Hn9AZN6fnQrc-QrgGaENS7GGCY8eg3m9Hqc/

Artificial Coexistence

Concert of electroacoustic works by Dariusz Mazurowski, performed live by the composer.

Artificial Coexistence concert program is a sonic impression on uncontrolled flow of time, which is essentially a means to measure events, ordered from the past through the present into the future. This is our knowledge and experience of time, according to the linear concept. But what if it would be possible to travel across multidimensional spacetime? Maybe time is not linear, but a much more complex mechanism? That is the question… Anyway, my goal is not to affix any specifically detailed description, but to encourage evocations in the listener. This electroacoustic performance involves live electronics and live sound diffusion combined with acousmatic textures, complex hybrid processing and many other techniques.