A special radio broadcast devoted to Ukrainian electroacoustic music

The world has dramatically changed, after brutal and criminal Putin’s aggression and war in Ukraine. To support our friends and all brave Ukrainians who suffer the war, crimes and who fight for freedom, democracy, truth and human rights, we will prepare a special broadcast on Ukrainian electroacoustic music, to be aired by El-Stacja on Friday, March 4, at 10 pm CET. You may listen to this broadcast in your browser or any radio app (just type El-Stacja). Also an IRC chat for listeners will be opened. Everything here: https://el-stacja.pl/
Everyone can help, support Ukrainians, those who fight and refugees. You can join volunteers in your town, to help gathering medicine, clothes, food, you can donate some money, host refugees, or even share important information through social media. Anything could be helpful. A lot of useful and important information about these activities in Poland (check the same in your country) can be found here: https://pomagamukrainie.gov.pl/