Premiere performance of Summa Techologiae by TES / TSE (with Dariusz Mazurowski)

Tuesday, November 16, the Baltic Opera House in Gdansk, premiere performance of Summa Techologiae, a patchwork piece composed by Michał Jacaszek, Max Kohyt, Dariusz Mazurowski, Katarzyna Podpora and Krzysztof Topolski, based on Stanisław Lem book (with the same title), first published in 1964. 35 minutes long piece will be performed by composers with Wojciech Dowgiałło and Paweł Klemens – voices, Agnieszka Długołęcka – piano. Work commissioned by the Baltic Opera as a part of Tuesdays on a Wave 2021, concerts inspired by literature. More about this event here: