Binary Voyager has been launched

Binary Voyager is an endless, constantly evolving electroacoustic web composition, available online:
Based on an idea of 4 parallel sound generators (each with it’s own vast library), playing different layers of the piece. This final mix is randomly created in a real time, individually for each listener. You can join at any moment, listen as long as you wish. Please keep in mind you get your own, personal, unique version of the whole composition. Every listener has a different mix, running order etc. More, you can open Binary Voyager link in a new window or new tab (even more windows or tabs) to get more complex mixes of layered generators. Another option, launch Binary Voyager on different devices – like computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TV sets – and create your own spatial, multidimensional mix to fill any space.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland as a part of “Culture on the web” program.
More about Binary Voyager: