Concerts in Saint Petersburg

Thanks to ESG-21 invitation and massive support from the Polish Institute in Saint Petersburg I had the opportunity to play two (I hope nice…) concerts in this beautiful city and conduct workshop focused on electroacoustic music and improvisation. It was a great artistic adventure and hope there will be another opportunity to visit Saint Petersburg again.

GEZlive 1

The first concert took place on Saturday, June 28, during the LEMESG Electroacoustic \ Improvisation festival at the ESG-21 (organized to celebrate 15th anniversary of this venue), a part of the Art-Center Pushkinskaya-10 (which celebrated 25th anniversary BTW). Here are two photos taken during the concert (for documentary video excerpts please visit VIDEO page). For the final part of my set Nikolay Rubanov and Vladimir Luchansky joined me to play a spontaneous and improvised electroacoustic trio.

GEZlive 3

Small multimedia exhibition of video, scores and graphic works.


The second concert took place on Sunday, June 29, at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art and contained world premiere live performance of the complete version of brand new large scale composition : Non Acoustic Symphony. This event was organized by Erarta, Denis Rubin, with Boris Shershenkov help and obviously support from the Polish Institute in Saint Petersburg. Some photos are here, video excerpts (just documentary, with somehow “bootleg” sound, which gives the impression of a real concert) may be found on VIDEO page. All video footage by Boris Shershenkov (thanks !).

Erartalive 3

I’ve met many interesting, nice people and had a great time. I’m unable to list all people I should say thank You : Boris, Andrey and everyone from ESG-21, Denis, Max, Vladimir, Nikolay, Ilia, Sergey, Igor, Patrick, Christine, all participants in my workshop and many others. Thank You all very much !

Very special thanks to the Polish Institute in Saint Petersburg for help, support and care – esp. to Natalia Bryżko-Zapór (the director) and Natalia Pilugina. Many thanks to Polish General Consulate in Saint Petersburg for care. See You all soon again !